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MODELER Compliation Fail
Last Updated 2 years ago


Issue: Access to system wide models have been removed to keep the models clean.


Solution: So everyone has to copy the models to your home directory and build. Follow the below instructions (the red colored text will be different for you according to your last name)

  1. Copy the directories to your home directory
    [volta]/home/kushalad> cp -r /export/opt/riverbed/18.0/models/ ~/op_models/
    [volta]/home/kushalad> cp -r /export/opt/riverbed/18.0/sys/ ~/op_models/

  2. Back up the preference file.
    [volta]/home/kushalad> cp ~/op_admin/opnet-18-0.prefs ~/op_admin/opnet-18-0.prefs_backup

  3. Open the preference file to change model directories path to point to your home directories.
    [volta]/home/kushalad> vim ~/op_admin/opnet-18-0.prefs

  4. When the file opens paste below line and enter.

NOTE: USE WHAT YOU SEE ON YOUR VOLTA TERMINAL (eg: I will use home/deshpand)


Fig. 1: Volta Terminal


Fig. 2: Screenshot for step 4

5. Again paste below and enter. Shown below screenshots.



Fig. 3: Screenshot for Step 5

6. Now type in
To save the file and exit the program.

7. Restart/relaunch the opnet application. Compilation should go through.


You can recover from the backup you created for opnet-18-0.prefs_backup and start over.

To restore backup at the command line.

1. Delete the the current opnet-18-0.prefs

rm ~/op_admin/opnet-18-0.prefs

2. Restore the backup opnet-18-0.prefs_backup

cp ~/op_admin/opnet-18-0.prefs_backup ~/op_admin/opnet-18-0.prefs

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