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How to Install Microsoft Visio - Students/Faculties/Researchers
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  1. Navigate to:
  2. Login using your SDSU credentials:image
  3. Once logged in, click on "Education" under "Azure services":image
    1. If "Education" is not showing up, click on "More services" all the way to the right and type in "Education" in the "Filter services" search box: image
    2. Click on "Education": image
  4. Next, click on "Software" on the left side menu to see a list of all software: image
  5. Type "Visio" in the search box and select the version to install: image
    1. If Visio is not showing up in the search box, please follow the these short steps:
      1. On your current browser, navigate to:
        1. Once landed, click on the "Start free" button.
        2. You will be prompted to fill out a form with your basic information: imageimage
        3. After the form is fully filled out, you will be directed back to the and you can search for "Visio" in the search box again.
  6. After selecting the version, you will be prompted with the "Download" and "View Key" options (Click on the "View Key" later to retrieve the product key):image
  7. After clicking the blue "Download" button, wait until the ISO file is fully installed.
  8. Locate the Visio ISO file (usually in the "Downloads" folder by default), double click on it and hit "Open" in the Security Warning if popped up: imageimage
  9. A folder will popup with the "setup" file, run it and wait until finish: imageimageimage
  10. After the installation is finished, run the "Visio" app and you will be prompted with the product key activation window: image
  11. Enter the product key from the Azure website earlier (Click on "View Key" to get the product key), click "Activate Office" and accept the license agreement: imageimage
  12. Microsoft Visio is now successfully installed on your computer!
  13. Frequently Asked Questions:
    1. Can I install Microsoft Visio on my personal device?
      1. Yes, you may install Microsoft Visio on your personal device such as laptop or desktop computer at home.
    2. I'm not able to install Microsoft Visio on University-issued computer:
      1. Please submit a ticket here if you're attempting to install Microsoft Visio on an University-issued computer.

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